Thursday, October 6, 2011


I worked in the morning today. I had to be to work by 8:30AM. When I work in the morning I try and get there a little early so I can get something to eat there. I had my cinnamon pretzel and a Starbucks drink. I actually love working in the morning because the day goes by super fast! I wish I worked mornings more often. Next week I'll be training at the Starbucks in my Target! I'm pretty excited! I have a lot of hours too! I think I'll do fine at Starbucks, I cannot wait to make drinks! I got out of work at 4. I headed straight to Hollywood after work to a TV taping that Antonio Banderas was on. A friend texted me and said that she ran into Kathy Griffin in Hollywood and got a picture with her! I almost peed my pants when she told me that! I was so upset! Kathy Griffin is on my TOP list of people to meet! I have so much to tell her! Oh time. I got to the TV taping and a few people were there. I just wanted a picture with Antonio Banderas. I didn't want an autograph because I didn't have anything today. It was so CROWDED and WILD I didn't get a picture with him! :( I took a video though...

This rainbow showed up in Hollywood! It didn't even rain!?..but it did rain in North Hollywood.

The picture quality of this photo is HORRIBLE! iphone 4 guys! 

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