Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Getting STUCK on the fence!

My morning wasn't as great as they ALWAYS are! I got up and noticed it was raining a little outside! The first time it rained the WHOLE time I've been in LA! I was so UPSET! The rain didn't look that bad until I got outside!! It was like hurricane weather! Instead of walking all the way around the nursery, I jumped the fence to take a short cut. I wanted to avoid the rain as much as possible. I wore my North Face water proof jacket, which protected me from the rain but, it was windy so my pants were getting wet! As I was climbing the fence I got STUCK at the top and my pants ripped!! I was stuck on the fence in the rain....CRYING! IT was disastrous! I was swearing the WHOLE time! I was more worried about my pants than the rain! My clothes mean so much to me! I don't like them getting wrecked! My khaki Dockers now have a small hole in them! UGH! I'm sending them back to Wisconsin for my Grandma to sew! I made it to the first bus stop and noticed how many people were bundled up! Ugg's, coats, scarves, umbrellas! I mean yes it was raining and I do HATE the rain, but they BUNDLE up to the MAX here when it rains! I made it to work on time and told everyone about my CRAZY adventure on my way to work! Some how my uncle who lives in Florida found out about my "Climbing the fence" incident, and sent me this text! I just ignored it!

Hmmmm....Where do I get my DRAMATIC behavior from!? One of those people is my UNCLE! How dramatic! Geeze! I'm NOT going to be put in jail! 

This is the fence that I was climbing and the fence that wrecked my pants!! 

Bailey sent this picture to me today. She took this picture of me when we were in Downtown LA, in ChinaTown! 

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