Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Meeting Kim Kardashian!

Got up today and met a couple friends on Hollywood/Highland. I was running a little late because I slept in longer than I planned. They thought I was running late because I was getting Starbucks! ;P We took the bus to the Grove to see if we could meet a few people that were on EXTRA. They had so much going on today; filming in so many different areas! It was CRAZY! Some of the photographers were getting ROWDY too! They kept saying, you better STAY back, and let us get our pictures! It was a ZOO! The cast of "Footloose" was there promoting the movie. One of the girls from "America's next top Model" was there and Zooey Deschanel was there for an interview. Zooey rushed out right after the interview! I was trying to get a picture with her but she was like running out! UGH! Then the cast of "Footloose" was being interviewed. I took my spot getting ready to take pictures with them. The Grove security was so pushy! UGH! But I did get a picture with Julianne Hough! I got a picture with her leaving the interview. Then Allison from "America's next top Model" was being interviewed. We waited to take a picture with her after the interview. She was very nice and a little quite.....I told her that Tyra banks told me that I look like Prince Harry! She laughed and said that I do! After the Grove we headed to a TV taping. I waited outside for Kim Kardashian! It got pretty cold outside and it got cloudy! A few of us were waiting for Kim to drive in....She was running a little late so didn't stop for us on the way in to sign. But on the way out I went CRAZY screaming "KIM KIM." I was jumping up and down with my picture! They did stop and rolled down the windows to take pictures(: and I got two things signed by her. She also wished me a Happy Birthday! Kim Kardashian wished me a Happy Birthday! How awesome is that!? (: She was extremely nice! Kris was also very nice. She really looks just like how she looks on the show! 2 Kardashian sisters down! One more Kardash sister to go! After meeting Kim we headed to a club on Sunset Blvd where Charlie Sheen was suppose to be. He didn't come when we were waiting there...We were hoping to get his autograph and a picture with him. I had such a great day today! Meeting Kim Kardashian has been my dream for awhile now! I'm obsessed with the Kardashian's! I want to meet ALL of them! 

Here's a few of the pictures from today.  (I'll post the Kim K. one tomorrow, it needs to be edited, the sun was super bright!)

 Julianne Hough
Allison from "America's Next top model"
NBC studios.
 I always see this Kim K. ad by the bus.
 My autographs! (:

Kim Kardashian is great to her fans! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Cause their lying, if they say she's rude! Cause she's NOT! 


  1. sounds like a great day! I wish I could meet one of the Kardashians...I love them

  2. It was an AWESOME day! I almost died when Kim Kardashian told me Happy Birthday! How awesome is that!?