Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Got up today and had over 100 notifications on facebook, people telling me "Happy Birthday!" I love when my notifications just blows up! I had a few missed calls and texts too! I got up a little before 9am. I met a friend by the North Hollywood station. We met there and she took me to the city walk to get some FROZEN YOGURT! YUM! If you guys have never tried it, you have to! They really don't have any in Wisconsin, but in California they have a ton of them! Bailey misses the frozen yogurt from when she was visiting. After the city walk we went to Subway because we were still hungry. Leslie (my friend) just got done from working out before she picked me up, so she was REALLY hungry! I got my veggie sub(: After hanging out with Leslie I had to go to work. I got there a little early, but I've been to work much earlier before. I got a Starbucks drink and talked to a few people. Work actually went well today. No customers were messing with my day! One of my coworkers was off today and brought me balloons and a present! How awesome! I kept the balloons in the food ave area my whole shift. Before I left work I got a Starbucks drink to go, to wake me up before going to see a movie at the city walk with friends. We went to a 10:55 showing of "Killer Elite." The movie was action packed! We didn't get out of the theatre until like 1 am! They drove me home and right away I started working on my blog...show's how dedicated I am(:

The best part of the day! I forgot! I learned how to say "It's my birthday, and I'm 19" in spanish! A few of the people I work with only speak spanish, so I learned how to say a few more things today! I've been learning so much spanish lately!

Thanks everyone for giving me a great Birthday, even though some of you are across the country I still had a great day! :)

Thanks Gam-Gam for all the gift cards!
The balloons that someone brought me at work!
Thanks for the "Dolce & Gabbana" drink Gerardo! 
I had to take a picture of this because I'm such clean freak!
They had this at Yogurt Land before you got your Yogurt!

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