Monday, October 3, 2011


Got up today and did laundry...I really don't like doing laundry but you have to do it! You can't just NOT do laundry! After a few chores I headed to work. I never know what time I should leave on Sunday's because the bus is extremely SLOW! So I left 2 hours before I started work! I got to work so early! As soon as I got to work I got water from Starbucks because I just CRAVE water, like ALL the time! mmm! I was also told by someone that I smell like "GOOD BOY!" I was wearing my favorite cologne, "Bleu De Chanel." I LOVE the smell of it! I can't stop smelling it because it smells so good! Target closes earlier on Sundays so I didn't have to stay to late today(: I got home kind of early and Skyped a friend back home who is currently attending "Oshkosh." I love doing video chats with people back at home! It's good to see faces(: We talked about the many times that we talked about traveling the world together and experiencing all the different types of culture with one another.

I kept thinking about all the amazing experiences that I had in Europe...If you haven't been to the United Kingdom, you guys HAVE to go! Traveling to Europe last April was one of the BEST experiences of my life! It really was an amazing adventure. I traveled to Europe on a school trip, and had such a fun time. The plane ride to London was almost 9 hours! I couldn't sleep the WHOLE way there! And as soon as we got there, we started our day at 8 am! I was exhausted from all of the traveling and our trip hadn't even begun yet!

Here's a few of my favorite pictures & memories on my trip to Europe!

HammerSmith, London.
I HAD to take a picture of this! 
Wouldn't you guys just love to see me drive down these streets!
I had to HUMP this lion to get up there!
If you can ride the subway in can ride it anywhere! The subway is such a ZOO in Europe!
Found Lady Gaga in an alley. 
Found my Starbucks on Oxford street(: Huge shopping center!
Westminster Abbey. I was here a week before the Royal wedding. 
I just had to bring my "LA loves me shirt" to Europe(:
This is one of my favorite pictures!
I also found my Louis Vuitton! One of my favorite designer stores!
The London Eye!
Look at how BIG these little pods are!
Had the BEST tour guide EVER in LONDON! (Kay)
Wasn't able to go in this Louis Vuitton...but will someday! Kim Kardashian & Paris Hilton once were spotted leaving this store.
Look at this CRAZY outta control mess! & I thought LA only had stuff like this!
The Eiffel tower was one of my favorite sights on the whole trip.

I will NEVER forget the amazing time I had in Europe! I can't even describe in words how great it was(:

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