Sunday, October 2, 2011

Starbucks in NoHo

Got up today and started eating a few of the things my Gam Gam put in my care package! I love the peach gummies! I had granola for breakfast(: i'm drinking milk grandma, so stop worrying about the amount of protein I'm consuming! I got ready for work, and headed through the nursery. I love when it's open because it's a short cut! I HATE having to walk all the way around! I got to work a little early. I got a large water from the Starbucks in my Target and I started Tweeting away! By the way follow me on Twitter! Niko4631. I just reached 7,000 tweets! I'm working my way up there! Work was great today! I worked a super short shift, but it was fun! The first thing I had to do was empty the trash?!?! Cause I guess the cleaning ladies weren't in yet? It was 12 in the afternoon?...that's weird. I was like "empty the trash? I've never done it at Target and I don't even know where to take it!" I guess I just had to stick all the bags on a cart and someone else took it. Everyone at my Food Ave. area where I currently work keeps messing with me! They all are saying I'm a trader for going over to Starbucks! Ruuuuude! When you have an opportunity to move up a little, then just do it! I'm the type of person who loves moving around! Work went by super fast! I got my bread sticks for lunch and a latte that one of the Starbucks employee's made wrong(: so it was a good day. After work I went to a Starbucks in North Hollywood. I really don't do to much in NoHo. But there's this Starbucks that I like going to. This Starbucks was one of the first Starbucks that I went to with my mom when we were figuring out where I would be living! This is also the first place where I saw a woman just smoking pot openly at the bus stop! Memories! We went to this Starbucks and figured out the surrounding area and looked through all my California books to find subway routes and the easiest way to get to Hollywood. Stayed at that Starbucks for a few hours then went home to unpack all the things my Gam Gam sent me!

Even Starbucks water is good :)

My Grandma sent me so many things! The box weighed over 46 pounds! OMG! 

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