Saturday, October 1, 2011

Jogging next to MR. DAVID BECKHAM!

Got up so early today! I found David Beckham!! He was on my top list of people to meet! The Beckhams, Lady Gaga, Kathy Griffin, Kim Kardashian, and Zac Efron, I would love to meet all of them! OMG! I almost forgot the Olsen's & Lindsay Lohan!! I mean I already have found her house!(: I'll just have to go back!(: I started jogging with David Beckham as he was running from fans! I was jogging next to him and asked him if he could personalize a photo for me! His friend  laughed...probably because I was jogging with David Beckham to get an autograph and just to talk to him! He then replied and said "I will after." He said it in his European accent! I almost died! Mr. David Beckham spoke to me!? Am I dreaming!? WOW! What an experience! Not many people can say they jogged next to David Beckham and talked to him! AHHH! I have to get a picture with him! One of these days! And Miss Victoria Beckham! They inspire me in so many ways! I admire both of them for the charity work that they do and how determined both of them are! Also all the Armani ads that they have done. They have modeled many times for Armani. And I admire Victoria for her fashion sense and the "Victoria Beckham" collection." They just seem like really great people that love having kids and traveling from LA to Europe often!

I'm NOT done with you Beckham's! I want a picture with both of you! 

What a long day! I then was shown where COSCO is by a friend in the Los Feliz area. On the way there I noticed the Griffith Observatory, and Griffith Park! I've been wanting to go to the Griffith Observatory so bad! I would post pictures of it, but I'd rather just take them myself! So looks like you guys will have to wait...

I was so tired after all of this I went home and pretty much just fell asleep! But when I got in my room I noticed a package on the ground. It was a package from my Gam-Gam! Boy was it heavy! I asked her how much it weighed and she said 46 pounds! She sent me so many snacks, goodies and all my favorite kinds of body wash! I swear my family really knows me! I also got an early birthday card! STARBUCKS cards, COLD STONE, and TARGET gift cards! I had the BIGGEST SMILE on my face! COLD STONE! has the BEST ice cream! Like EVER! YUM! 

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