Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mr. Johnny Depp!

Another busy day in California! I started work at 8am today, and worked until 5pm. Wow! Such a long, but fun day at work. Today I was training in Starbucks and I learned how to make some drinks! I was actually making drinks today! I'm amazed that in 3 days of training at Starbucks I already know how to make a few drinks! Time went by so fast! I have so much fun there(: I'm still having some problems working the whip cream devices. Every time they are running low I have to empty them out and spray the reminder in the sink. Your suppose to spray it slowly....I always forget and it went flying ALL over the place on my face and all over the wall! How embarrassing! I have problems every time I have to empty them out! I love sampling the drinks there! They have you sample not just the plain coffee, but also the blended and drinks over ice. YUM! I'm loving working at Starbucks. It looks like I'll be jumping back and fourth. I'll be in Starbucks, food Ave. & cashiering. Tomorrow I'm back in Food Ave. for a few hours. After I got out of work I headed over to Beverly Hills to the "Rum Diary" movie premiere. Johnny Depp is the main character in the movie. I was thinking that I wasn't going to see him on the way in because I was really coming at the last minute because of work. I actually made it on time! Everyone was waiting for Mr. Johnny Depp to show up. When he came in to the indoor/outdoor barricaded area, he ran right towards all of the fans & started taking pictures with them and signing autographs! I great is that! As soon as he walked in his body guard handed him a Sharpie and he signed his life away! A few lucky people were able to get pictures with him. It was CRAZY! People were pushing so much behind me I was actually on top of a person! My body was actually lifted off the ground!!!! That's how much of a zoo it was! It was INSANE! I took a few videos of all of the MADNESS! WOW! It was a lot of fun though. I mean not many people can say they were a few feet away from Johnny Depp! He's only in LA for a couple of days, so many people were excited to see him. I think he'll be heading back to France where one of his homes are at. Sometimes you just never know with these premieres.....people were saying that it was going to be very hard to even see the celebs but we did! Oh yeah I almost forgot! Hugh Hefner arrived with a few of the Playboy girls! You should of seen him! OMG! He came walking in, and girls were on the right, left front and back of him! It was ridiculous! We all called him over but he didn't come by us. I then headed back to Hollywood grabbed something to eat and made some plans for tomorrow! Hiking around the Hollywood Hills before work! I can't wait! This was on my bucket list!! I'll be posting pictures(: 

Johnny Depp

Water from Starbucks(: 

Bailey sent me this picture today! AHHHH! 

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