Sunday, October 16, 2011

Haven't Cashiered in months!

I still can't believe that I slept more then 12 hours after all that hiking! As soon as I got up I headed to West Hollywood to go to Starbucks and the bank. I went to my favorite Starbucks that's on Sunset Blvd. I ordered an iced Mocha with 3 shots of expresso! YUM! I tried it the other day at the Starbucks that I work at and I loved it! I worked on my blog for awhile and made a few phone calls back home. After getting coffee I went to the Trader Joe's nearby. It was actually my first time going into a Trader Joe's. I got a Tuna wrap and water for lunch. I  needed something to eat before I went to work. Geeze that store was CRAZY BUSY! So many people were running around like crazy in there! I then headed to work from the North Hollywood station. I took the bus to work and started talking to someone that I just met on the bus. I was trying to find them on facebook and I missed my stop! I was already running a little late for work and I passed my damn stop! I was like....are you serious right now!? I cashiered today. I haven't cashiered in months, and it was at my old Target that I worked at! They just stuck me on a lane and I stayed there. Cashiering was always my favorite....I love interacting with people. I love letting people know that I'm from Wisconsin any chance that I have! Haha. Someone asked me if we hunt in Wisconsin....At least it's better then asking, "Do you tip cows over for fun in Wisconsin?" It's NOT like there's cows roaming around the city! I'm NOT from the country! A few people said that they have been to Wisconsin and they said that it's to cold there! I was like YEP! That's why I moved to California! The first lane they put me at didn't even have a credit card machine!?!?! I didn't realize that for awhile until someone needed it! I had to move lanes! I only worked a few hours and then went home. I'm probably getting up early tomorrow. I have a few things planned. If anything exciting happens I'll make sure to let you guys know!

My lunch from Trader Joe's(:

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