Monday, September 5, 2011


Had a great day today in Los Angeles(: Went to the Grove for breakfast. Spotted no celebs...Sometimes you see them there and sometimes you don't...Went to one of the Los Angeles times magazine shops on the way out, and bought a magazine that I want autographed. Passed a Starbucks leaving the Grove, and I didn't even get a drink! Can you believe it! Instead I jumped on the bus and headed to Hollywood, went to another magazine stand to just check out all the new magazines and to see if they had anyone I liked on the covers. After that I walked back to the subway. I went home pretty early because tomorrow's going to be a BIG day! There are a couple celebrity outings that I'll be going to and meeting friends there(: Can't wait to meet Rob Kardashian(: I'm pretty excited! And I can't wait to photograph the cast! I live for this kind of stuff! I have to be there pretty early!....I don't mind getting up early if it's something celebrity related! Well

I'll be posting ALL about it tomorrow when I get home. And I'll actually be wearing sunscreen tomorrow! You HEAR that Perez Hilton!!

Billy Lowe taught me a few things about blogging today! Including linking to other sites!

Veggie pizza I made.....a frozen pizza(:

One of the new advertisements that was posted at the bus stop.

Ohh do I love my Maggie, back home in Wisconsin!

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