Monday, September 5, 2011

Rainbow?! It didn't even rain!

Slept in! First time living in LA that I actually slept in! & boy did it feel good. Made it to the bus by like 1 in the afternoon maybe even a little later. The buses on Sundays run so SLOW! I just want to scream!! I hate the busses on holidays & Sunday's! It's so ridiculous how SLOW they run! & it's just embarrassing when your meeting someone somewhere & your so late! Geeze! Walked around West Hollywood for a while and went to my favorite Starbucks in west LA. I love that Starbucks! The view is absolutely amazing! In that area. Then I went back to Hollywood just to look around and see the Hollywood sign. And geeze! You would think it was spring break! Don't these kids have school! The streets of Hollywood were still packed & busy! It's NUTS! Doesn't the homeless spiderman or Barney ever take breaks?!?! Anyways left Hollywood & headed home. There was a little overcast and it looked like it was going to rain! I was so worried...I HATE the rain! It actually looked like it was going to storm! As I was in North Hollywood heading to my last I noticed a rainbow! I didn't know rainbows just randomly appear even when it didn't rain! Check out the picture!

You know it's North Hollywood when you see a Taco sign in the background. Haha.

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