Sunday, September 4, 2011

OLD people gettin ROWDY!

Got up early and went to Hollywood Blvd to catch the bus to get to The Grove. The Grove is one of my favorite places, I just love it there! On one of the busses....This older lady came on the bus and sometimes they just don't want to sit down! I don't know if it's that they think their young and able to handle standing on a moving bus...or what?! Another passenger asked the lady to sit down! She said "It will be safe for all of us if you just sit down!" the lady sat I'm NOT sitting down! I've been riding the bus for over 20 years standing!" I started to laugh. Then the lady said "well if she falls over on my I'll push her off and push her on the ground!" WOW these old people are fierce! As the lady left the bus she said with an attitude "Have a nice day lady!" I was laughing, and I just couldn't stop! I went to the Grove and had lunch and mailed something home. As I was walking through the Grove this girl was hanging her American Girl doll off of a 2 story building! These girls have been taking way to many lessons from Michael Jackson! Holding his kid over a balcony in Berlin! It was pretty funny though. I got ice cream, and boy was it expensive! I mean it wasn't even like Cold Stone and it was almost 6 dollars for a tiny cone! Thats CRAZY!

I think I'm just going to relax tomorrow, had a long week of hunting down celebs & kicking Snooki's bitchy ass! I gotta go! I'm watching the Kardashian's!

Just noticed that Kris isn't on the cover with Kim, and his parents are pretty upset about it! I want this magazine autographed(: 

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