Saturday, September 3, 2011

Beverly Hills. Hollywood. West LA.

Went celebrity hunting today! I spent 3 hours in Beverly Hills looking for celebs and found NONE! I went to all these places that they are seen at and didn't see anyone! I didn't even see ANY photographers!! HUH?! It was so weird NOT seeing anyone! I even hung around Kim Kardashian's Nail Salon she goes to! Didn't see anyone ALL day! As I was on the bus to Beverly Hills, a woman fell with ALL her bags and I just couldn't stop laughing! It was so funny! She was falling all over everyone. Somebody offered her their seat but she said, "NOO, I'm fine, I'm having a BAD day! I'm NOT in the mood!" He was just being nice lady! GEEZ! I walked around Beverly Hills for a while then headed to meet a friend at Star World on Hollywood Blvd. It's a great place to get pictures to get autographed at events. I picked a few more pictures of Kim Kardashian & Kourtney(: I can't WAIT to meet them one of these days! I was shown where the DWTS cast practices so I'll be going there to meet Rob Kardashian(: Can't wait to start meeting the DWTS cast! Then we went to another popular hotspot right off of Hollywood Blvd. But spotted nobody! We saw two photographers though, but they were just waiting for whoever showed up. Headed home after waiting for a while....Checking out apartments tomorrow closer to Hollywood.

Work tomorrow at 4....So many events and premiere's are coming up! I'm SUPER PUMPED! I gotta meet Khloe Kardashian! AHHH!

This man brought a TON of things on the bus! He had about 4 big bags! He had to make a few trips to get all of his things on the bus! OMG!

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