Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Super long day today! I was out of the house by 6 am. I had to be somewhere early to photograph some of the dancers from "Dancing with the Stars." I mean I photograph them for fun...I'm just practicing and becoming better at it. Most of the time it's photographing them on the go or doing something. Not always posing.... unfortunately. Saw many of the cast member's from this seasons Dancing with the stars! Ron Artest is probably the nicest! He was great to the fans, photographers and the collectors. I snapped pictures of them pretty much the whole morning. I met David Arquette and got a picture with him! He was very nice, I introduced myself and asked for a picture with him(: He was wearing a blazer and it was so HOT out! Me and a friend headed to a tv taping to meet a friend. We were seeing if Elijiah Wood was still going to be the guest on the show tonight. But I guess he canceled! Don Rickles was going to be the guest tonight. I don't even know who that is, I call him Don Wrinkles!! I guess when he drove up he didn't sign for fans or anything. I know he's old but he could've signed some autographs through his car window! Didn't really hang around there much longer cause nobody that we liked was on the show! As we were waiting for one of the busses today in Hollywood blvd some African American female was on the LOOSE! Like move over Lindsay Lohan this lady wasn't messing around! She was tripping tourists, trying to steal their cameras, hitting them with their cameras......she was accusing them of taking pictures of her. She was absolutely outta control! WOW! She was NUTS! Both me and my friend called the police on her!(; She jumped on the same bus that we were going on! I thought the police were going to pull the bus over! LA cops are SO SLOW to getting to places, they never came! There is currently a CRAZY woman running loose on the streets of Hollywood! I'll post the pictures that I was taking while she was pushing people! Had a super long day today, it was 102 degrees! & it's supposed to be 96 degrees tomorrow! This is probably the hottest it's gotten since I've been here!

David Arquette

Mark Ballas.

Mark arriving with his Starbucks, for him and his partner.

Ricki Lake.

Derek Hough. Very shy!

Ron Artest joking around with the photographers!

He was a prankster the WHOLE time!

One of the new dancers.

She was very happy to sign autographs.


Didn't answer any questions & really didn't want to be photographed.

Chaz's BMW is a little smashed up in the back!

Hopefully I'll get a few better pictures tomorrow. & a picture with Rob Kardashian.
I love those Kardashians!  Kim Kardashian & Kourtney Kardashian & Khloe Kardashian!(:

This is the NUT on Hollywood Blvd!

Pushing tourists!

Just look at this PSYCHO! I really should have taken a video! She probably would've smashed my camera though!

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