Thursday, September 8, 2011

$22.00 hotdog!!?

I was planning on getting up at 7, but that NEVER happened! I set my alarm this morning to get up early but I just shut it off! I missed Janice Dickinson at the Grove! UGH! I wanted to get some pictures of her! I got to the grove 30 minutes after she was interviewed! It seriously took me like 2 hours to get there cause I do so much waiting for busses! It's absolutely ridiculous!! I left the Grove and went to go get pictures of Rob Kardashian. He was pretty friendly. I guess he doesn't usually talk to the photographers. But this time he answered a few questions. He came in his white BMW. Geez all these Kardashian's have big butts! I guess it just runs in the family! Rob even has a bug butt! I swear these Kardashian kids! I went to work in the afternoon. It was pretty hot today again! 96 degrees! I tried to stay out of the sun as much as possible today! I want color but I don't want to be burning everyday! There were so many WILD people at Target today! OMG! People can be so annoying! Some guy comes up to me and says, that he was here last week and they charged him $22.00 for a hotdog! He said that he wanted his many back! First of all duuuude! It was a WEEK ago! You really think that Target can do something about that now!? It turned out that he wasn't charged $22.00 for a hotdog! He bought a hotdog and got $20.00 dollars cash back! What an idiot! Geez! Then some guy was trying to purchase a gift card for $500.00!! I thought he was 5 dollars at first! The card declined, cause it was a stolen credit card! This stuff only happens in LA I swear! We had a whole different type of crazy people at Target in Wisconsin!

Trying my best to meet Khloe Kardashian after work tomorrow! Wish me luck! :D Really want to meet Kim Kardashian one of these days too! Get your butt back from New York Kim K!

Check out the pictures that I took today of Rob Kardashian!

Rob Kardashian.

I forgot her name! I know her last names Hope though. She was waving to the Pap's!

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