Thursday, September 8, 2011


I started work at 8am! I'm really NOT a morning person. But I got up at 5:50 and got ready for work. I have to leave early or I'll be late! I ran into a CRAZY at my second bus stop. He was standing in the middle of traffic, cars were beeping at him. Then he came by me SHOUTING, "Does this bus go to the red line!" I pointed to the bus that went there! He kept looking at me! I didn't look at him. Then he asked someone else. And he was like "doesn't anyone ride the red line around here!?!" He was such a FREAK! Jumped on the bus and got away from that CREEP! So many creeps here! YUCK! Got to work an hour early! I was going to go to the Donut shop but they only accept CASH! I only carry plastic! Money's dirty and gross! Got to work charged my phone while tweeting! :D I'm turning into a twitter addict! It's so much fun though! I got out of work at 2 and headed to Hollywood. Khloe Kardashian was going to be on a tv taping! So i showed up there pretty early, I was the first person there! Waited and finally ran into people that I know. I got some salsa and water then we all just chatted. Waited for Khloe to arrive....she arrived but didn't come by us...went right into the studio. But she did wave at us. Then Ron Arrtest showed up. He didn't really wave, went right in; we all were screaming for him! So we all crossed our fingers hoping that they would come over after the interview. Khloe came right over when she left the building! She was so nice! She sounds much different in person than on tv! She also isn't as tall as everyone thinks, and she was wearing heels! I was thinking she was going to be a GIANT! She's really not a giant at all, but she does have legs! I asked her to sign my "Kardashian Konfidential" book and she did! I asked if she could sign it to me(: I spelled my name for her and she said that she loves my name(: yep i felt pretty special! Khloe Kardashian said she loves my name!! After she signed my book I asked if I could take a picture with her, and her assistant/helper?! took the picture of us! I asked Khloe is she saw the picture that her friend tweeted of Kim going into DASH in New York, and she said that she hasn't seen it yet. I told her that it's was CRAZY, a ZOO! She signed and took a few more pictures with people. Photographers were asking her if she'll be doing Dancing with the Stars. Khloe said that, "that's just not her thing." She started leaving and I told her that it was great meeting her. She turned around and said that it was great meeting me too! :D She made my night! I now have 2 more Kardashian's to go! Kim Kardashian's NEXT!

What an exciting day! Met one of the Kardashian's! HOLY COW! :D They inspire me in so many ways!

Look at that ROCK on her ring finger! ;D 


My book Khloe signed(:

Khloe was extremely nice! She's great to her fans! 
Celebrity Sightings....Perez Hilton

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