Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kristin Chenoweth

Got up & went to the Grove. I think I was out of the house by 7 am! If I don't leave early for things I'll be late! George Clooney's ex girlfriend Elisabetta was having a private interview at the Grove. I wanted to see if I could get pictures of her coming in. But I guess she was already there before all the paps arrived. As we were waiting by one of the entrances that they come in at she was nowhere to be seen! She was being interviewed on the 3rd floor of a restaurant outside. We all got ready as she came down, we were ALL in our positions waiting to take the perfect picture. She decided that she was going to turn and exit the other way! Huh!? Everyone was so pissed! But that didn't stop them from chasing after her to get the perfect shot! Even a few older people were running after her! Almost tripping on chairs and kids! She went right to her car in the outdoor parking lot. After that I went right to Hollywood. I had to be back at that subway at a certain time because I had to work! Made it there in time and took the subway to North Hollywood. Went and got some lunch at Panera, and got a passion fruit tea from Starbucks, those teas are so good when it's real hot out! After work I headed back to Hollywood to see if I could get Kristin Chenoweth's autograph after she was on Jimmy Kimmel. I was able to get et autograph(: she was very nice, I waited a couple hours for her to come out after they were done filming. She was extremely nice, she signed my picture. She also brought het dog with her. She was signing and taking pictures while holding her dog! It got so chilly out there, I brought a sweat shirt last time but I got way to hot! I'll definitely always be bringing one now! Made it home at like 10ish & decided that I'm sleeping in!

George Clooney's Ex. leaving her interview at the Grove in LA.

She's very tan & Skinny! & was very flirty with Mario!

Mario Lopez. Leaving the interview.

Signed picture by Kristin Chenoweth!

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