Sunday, September 11, 2011

MANNERS! please!

Worked ALL day today! Slept in though....(: But worked the rest of the night. Going to develop pictures tomorrow and get all the pictures on my computer organized! I HATE not being organized! After work I was taking the bus home, and the lady who dat next to me was being extremely ROWDY! She was texting someone & it seemed like they were fighting! The texts were in spanish....The first thing she texted was "F****** PERRA ass!" WOW! She texted that with a BIG smirk on her face. I could help but laugh out loud! It was actually pretty funny! Then earlier at Target some lady tried arguing with me with Target having FALSE advertisements for their prices of food! I explained nice to her if she has any problems that the service desk will be able to help you(: She still wanted to argue! Then she started taking pictures!! She was really out of control! I showed her that I rang everything up the rest is not my issue! I pretty much just made her, her food with a smile(: I had to call a few people over to handle her! Security was NEXT! And yes this Target does have security! Then some guy got upset because the pizza was going to take 7 minutes! I asked him if he still wanted it and he just shook his head yes. When he paid he threw the money on the counter at me, when my hand was out! People are so disrespectful! He couldn't even look me in the eyes!! He had NO eye contact! I just CANNOT believe how disrespectful people are. Glad my mom taught me manners! When you are communicating with someone it's respectful to look them in the eyes! I'm still so upset about this, so I had to post about it! 

Relaxing tomorrow...organizing my photos on my computer, and printing out some pictures.

Two kids at my work took this picture. The girl on the right is from New York.

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