Sunday, September 11, 2011


Woke up this morning & thought about it being 10 years already since 9/11. How has it been 10 years already!? I remember I was in 3rd grade. But I never remember watching it at all in school. But I do remember seeing the plane crash on TV at home after school....I found some pictures of the memorial online today, and saw how amazing it looks! The memorial opened up today. But I guess it's not open for the public until September 12, 2011. I really would like to go back to NYC and see the memorial. I was in New York in 2009 and it was a BIG construction disaster! It was a MESS! They really transformed that area, I thought it was never going to be completed!

I NEVER thought this was going to be completed! I'm AMAZED with what it looks like!

2009 taken from the Empire State building 

Trinity church. "The church that stood"

2009, all construction!

I guess this cross was found in the mess of metal and everything that came crashing down.

It has also been 2 years since by chinchilla Frankie has passed away on this day. 9/11 Miss him tons! My step dad would always call him "Franklin." (: 

Frankie & Bailey.

New York is definitely a place that I'd like to go back to someday. Really would like to see the 9/11 memorial. It would even be neat if I went with my grandparents...I mean my Grandpa did cross over to Ellis Island on the boat years......ago! from Poland.

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