Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rob Kardashian!

I've pretty much met the WHOLE cast of DWTS! WOW! I've gotten pictures with almost all of them! They are all so nice. I even got an autograph today from Kristin from "The Hills." I arrived at 8am I was running a little late cause I NEEDED to stop at Starbucks for my coffee! I was the 3rd person that showed up there. The first person to show up was David Arquette. He's always so nice but needed to get in there right away to practice so didn't come over this time to sign. But I already have a picture with him so it's all good! Mark Ballas showed up, Elisabetta, Rob Kardashian, Kristin from the Hills and many others. I got pictures with a few of them(: Rob was one of the next people to show up and BOY does he drive like a maniac! I swear he was trying to RUN me over! GEEZ! He drives CRAZY & FAST! As soon as he stepped out of his car I asked him if I could get a picture with him. He was more than happy! He signed for a few people; I'm bringing my Kardashian book next time. I'm also going to blow up the picture of us for him to sign. And he was wearing my Louis Vuitton back pack that I want! UGH! Want it so bad! Good thing he didn't put it down! I would've ran off with it! :D I waited outside at DWTS all day until I had to go to work. I'm extremely happy with all the pictures that I got today!

Check out all the exciting pictures (:

Rob Kardash.
Mark Ballas.


Riki Lake.

Derek Hough. Camera SHY!

I look so ugly in this picture! I want to VOMIT! BARF! GROSS! I'm taking a new picture with him!

GiGi. She's becoming very well known in LA! She loves her butt being scratched!

Rob stepping out of his car, with his Louis Vuitton Back pack!

Mark Ballas's mom! haha. I love how some people are asking her questions!

Ron waving before going in.

Had a very exciting day today(: Can't wait for all the things planned for the rest of the week!

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