Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hollywood! How spectacular!

I was planning to go to the grove this morning but I decided I was going to sleep a little longer. (: sometimes I just need to sleep a little in the mornings! Cause usually I'm out and about at least 6 days a week! Getting up early! I woke up and just took my time, I didn't rush at all. I had work at 12:15 so I really wouldn't of had time to do that much. I got to work at the last minute possible because of these damn busses! They are absolutely ridiculous! Geez! I had to rush into work! I had rushing to things! I only worked 4 hours so as soon as I got out of work I headed to West Hollywood! I always go to this Starbucks there to relax! I had a free drink coupon, so I was able to get an drink I wanted to! I went on my MacBook & ordered pictures for an upcoming movie premiere that I'm going to. It's the new Muppets movie! The
Cast is absolutely incredible! So I'm in the process of ordering pictures for the premiere! & I'd love to get a picture with Katy Perry! I really hope she shows up! And my FAVORITE person is one of the voices in the movie! Kathy Griffin! I will probably pee myself if she Shows up! I NEED a picture with her! I've seen her perform twice so far! In Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Fort Myers, Florida! She is absolutely hilarious! I pretty much pee myself every time I see her perform! Check out Kathy Griffin or tour dates! I'm definitely going to see her when She's performing in Hollywood next February! Tickets go on sale next week! Mila Kunis is another person I'd love to meet! Also I owe someone who lives in Northern Wisconsin a picture of Selena Gomez! I'll be working on it Maddie! I should be getting it in November! After I left Starbucks I went to Target on Santa Monica & La Brea. I had to develop some pictures of some of the stars I've met. I developed some of Khloe Kardashian, Rob Kardashian, Mark Ballas....and many more. I go to these places to find the stars then I print the pictures of either me and them or a picture of them that I took. Then next time I see them I go and get them autographed! I especially love this picture of Mark Ballas because he's leaving his car with Starbucks in his hand(: I developed some pictures then left Target. As I was walking out I noticed the Hollywood sign straight ahead of me! Wow! Never have seen it before from there and I go to that Target a lot! What a dream come true! I swear! I'm leaving a Target in West Hollywood and seeing the Freckin Hollywood sign! Spectacular! How amazing! I can't even describe to you guys how amazing it is here and how much I love Los Angeles! Wow!(: I left Target and started going home. People are so rude when entering the bus! Anything involving the bus people are rude! It's like can you please stop getting up and pushing while the bus is moving! There NO room for you to go! Ugh! Same with getting on, it's like were all NOT getting on at the same time! Wait! Have some patience!

Oh yeah! Another thing I HAVE to complain about! I'm working in Food ave. at Target....I make the food and hand it politely to the guest. This lady just looks at me. I'm waiting for a response like "thank you?!" nope she just doesn't even really look at me. I understand that many people in North Hollywood don't speak English but I KNOW that you know what "thank you" means! When someone does something for you, you thank them. Have some manners! And I know they know how to say thank you in Spanish or whatever language they speak! So start using your manners! Im thankful everyday at how much my mom has taught me manners and how to be polite! I use my manners everyday mom! I was just irritated when she didn't thank me! So it just had to go on the blog! Haha. Next time someone doesn't thank me, I'm going to say "your welcome" politely!

Met this really cute dog today at Starbucks...I watched someones dog a they went in to get their coffee(: I was more than happy to! She wanted to know if she could tie her up to my table outside. I was like, tie her to the table?! I'll take this little dog on my lap!!

Man being arrested on Hollywood Blvd!

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  1. That is so cute about the dog. You are a nice person!