Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Simon Cowell

Slept til 9 today. I really didn't need to be anywhere so I slept in today. I relaxed at Starbucks in West Hollywood and worked on another blog post. I got a coffee frapp. I'm turning into such a coffee addict! It's just so good though! If I don't get my coffee I get really cranky! I actually got to West Hollywood pretty fast. Sometimes the bus takes forever, and it takes me a while to get places. I talked to my mom on the phone to catch up with her. I guess this morning she posted a picture on facebook, I went to check it out...
My mom ordered over 100 bottles of Snapple and 2 bags of apples! My mom HATES apples!? She needs to be taken off those pain pills! This is just to much! Last time she had her surgery and was on her pills, she was yelling at me and accusing me of tweeting about her and taking videos of her! She gets really OUT OF CONTROL on those pills! 
(She's probably going to flip out about this post....she'll be calling me shortly.)

While I was walking to Starbucks I ran into this guy who thinks I'm on Glee. He even asked me once if I'm on the show. This is my third time seeing him around West LA! When I saw him I just laughed, because I keep running into him either at Starbucks or leaving Starbucks. Later tonight I went to Jimmy Kimmel to see if I could meet Simon Cowell. He was driven into the back in a Rolls Royce. Those cars are extremely expensive and SO UGLY! I really am NOT a fan of them! They are so long and wide! He drove by and was smoking in the backseat. After the show he came over by us and took pictures and signed! We were all so excited! I took a picture with him, while he was signing he was smoking those nasty cancer sticks! YUCK! Anyways he was very laid back and nice. 

Simon Cowell

Rolls Royce.

Simon talking to fans.

Watching the Zoe Project; Kim Kardashian's on the show.

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