Thursday, September 22, 2011


I was planning to get a early today and find celebrities in Beverly Hills. but it turned out...that I just ignored my alarm on my phone. I guess I was way to comfortable in my bed! I think I got up around 10, and slowly got ready for work and watched the Kardashian's (One of my favorite shows!, if you didn't know :D) I walked through the nursery to get to the bus stop this morning. The bus was actually on time this morning! How unusual! I got on my second bus and some creep was like smelling me! Like you freckin creep get away from me! This guy was seriously smelling me! I mean I do where a lot of cologne, maybe he was smelling it?....but you don't need to stick your face like on me to smell my Chanel cologne! I was so creeped out! I couldn't wait to get off of the bus! I made it to work early and got a Starbucks Starbucks buddies gave me a good deal in the drink :D So I just couldn't pass it up! Work went fine today and it actually went by pretty fast! I took the bus home after work after I picked up a few things from Target. When I was getting off the bus, this lady was like pushing her way on!...It's like seriously LET ME OFF the bus before you push your ass through! That's so rude! I HATE when people do that! It's so disrespectful! It's like when your going on an elevator...Subway...You NEED to let people off first before you just push your ass thorough everyone like a freckin bull! GEEZ! I HATE that! It really gets on my nerves! of my FAVORITE cities!

Busy day tomorrow...going to the Grove, then finding the DWTS cast at our secret spot, and then going to work.

If tomorrow's a good day, I'm sure I'll have a bunch of pictures tomorrow to post :D

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