Friday, September 16, 2011


Busy day today! Got up around 5:30 and was out of the house by 6am! I had to be at DWTS rehearsal at 8am! I didn't want to miss anyone going in! But, it turned out they didn't start showing up until 10am today....David Arquette didn't show up when I was there because he was being interviewed at the Grove for EXTRA this morning. There weren't a lot of us there in the morning which was good! The autographer's left after a while because they got sick of waiting. I saw Rob Kardashian show up, China, Chaz Bono and his partner, Cheryl Burke, and Derek Hough. Rob came over by me after he was done practicing to sign my Kardashian book and picture of him. Chaz was pretty silent doesn't talk at all! Cheryl and Derek are also shy. I was there until 2 in the afternoon. After that I headed over to Jay Leno to see if I could meet Jason Strateman. We never saw him leave though. But I did get a picture of Jay Leno's car and he signed an autograph for me! It was my second time seeing him. Then we went to Star World a place where they sell pictures to get signed....Dolphin Tales premiere is tomorrow, I heard Morgan Freeman doesn't sign :( But I guess he takes pictures with people which is good! A picture with him would be even better! I work in the afternoon but I'm still going to the premiere in the morning. So it's going to be another long day tomorrow!

Rob Kardashian.

CHINA! What an interesting name!

Derek Hough 

Ran over a cone!

He's trying to get the cone from underneath his car.

Derek, holding up Riki Lake!

This squirrel trying to escape the JAY Leno parking lot!



Check back tomorrow for updates about the Dolphin Tales premiere! & for more celebrity news go to Perez Hilton.

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