Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dolphin Tale Premiere!

I was up super early again!...I was out of the house by 6 am! I wanted to be at the "Dolphin Tale" by 8 am for a good spot. I was the first person to get there and BOY was the set up BIG! The carpet took up a WHOLE street! It was blue carpet today! haha. I got my Starbucks, because sometimes if I don't I get really cranky! The premiere was in Westwood, which is by UCLA. I got there so fast today! The bus driver was driving like a maniac!! I was getting car sick; they were driving crazy through the HILLS! Morgan Freeman was suppose to show up and he did...but he didn't sign :( He was the only person I really wanted! There really wasn't anyone else in the cast that I was interested in. After all the stars and guests went in we were approached  for tickets! A few people in our group got tickets and went in to see the movie! All the drinks, bottled water, soft pretzels and popcorn were all free!...I got two pretzels cause they were so good! And a water on the way out. This is my second premiere that I've been to. The Glee premiere was the first premiere that I actually went in to. The movie was good except the 3D really wasn't that good and there wasn't a lot of it?...But we had a lot of fun. We were hoping to see Morgan Freeman on the way out and get his autograph. But Morgan really doesn't sign...EVER! We waited a little after to see if we could see anyone, but we didn't. But I did see Morgan leave, and wave to us. I couldn't stay that long because I had to go to work. I was falling asleep in the bus! I kept dropping my stuff I was so tired! Good thing I didn't just fall asleep and miss my stop! I was so tired though and still am! I've been doing so much lately! Went to work, for a few hours then went home and organized my new autographs. Can't wait to show my family at home all my NEW autographs! :D On the way home someone was holding up the bus for 10 minutes! He was trying to bring his bike ON the bus! You can only put it on the front of the bus! He started swearing and yelling at the bus driver! People were getting so angry! Made it home early......and falling asleep while typing!

Night guys!

Dolphin Tale(: 

It was such a BIG set up! 

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