Sunday, September 18, 2011

2011 Emmy's from HOME!

I have been out of the house for the last week by 6 am! I slept in so late today! I got up at 1 in the afternoon! I really needed the sleep! I was going to go check out the Emmy's to see if I could spot anyone. But I decided to just stay home and relax and watch them from my room! Plus the busses are extremely slow on Sundays and I would've had to go to downtown LA. Thats like 3 busses and 1 long subway ride. I think I'll go check it out next year! I noticed that they had bleachers for fans. I'm pretty sure that you just have to show up early and you can seat in the stands and see the red carpet! I got up and checked my twitter and facebook. I was pretty much lazy the whole day! I did do some laundry though! I'm still doing some now. I ran into the home owners and they said that they haven't seen me since Bailey was here! How funny! I can't help that I'm always doing something or working! I also got some mail together that I have to send out, made some popcorn and watched the Emmy's! I love tweeting about everything thats going on. I was so excited to see Kathy Griffin arrive! She was interviewed by E! with Ryan Seacrest. I love how she always makes fun of him! Towards the end of the interview she went to go kiss him! He backed away! But she went right for his lips and kissed him with her BRIGHT RED lipstick! I really couldn't stop laughing! I  have to meet her one of these days! The Emmy's were pretty good! But i like watching the red carpet interviews on E! more! I still can't believe that Charlie Sheen was presenting an award! WOW! I still can't decide if he was really being sincere about the stuff he was saying about "Two and a half men."

Look at Paula Abdul at the 1989 Emmy's. AHHH! my eyes are bleeding!

Didn't go stalk celebs at this event today. I have to rest for tomorrow!

Gwyneth changed it up today!

Jane Lynch. HATE this dress on Jane! She looks pregnant & BIG around the stomach!

Kelly Osbourne looks great!

I guess the dress is okay on Lea Michele. But I really don't like those cinnamon rolls on her shoulders!

Sofia always looks great at every event she attends! 

Christina Hendricks looks like a red headed Marilyn Monroe. Her boobs just won't stay in her shirt!

Tomorrow's going to be an early day! Jon Cryer is getting his star on the walk of fame tomorrow. So I have to be there early so I have a good spot to get autographs! Were all hoping that Ashton and Charlie Sheen will show up too! I hope tomorrow's a good day to get autographs and pictures! Wish us collectors luck(:

I hope they ALL show up! *Fingers crossed*

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