Friday, September 16, 2011

Busy day in LA! Star STALKING!

Got up at 7am today. I was out of the house by 8am. The busses in California SUCK! I swear! It took me 2.5 hours to get to the Grove in West Hollywood! I was so pissed! I was so late for Khloe's interview! I HATE the bus! It makes me late for everything! I should NOT have to leave 4 hours early for places! I got there just in time while Khloe & Kylie Jenner were taking pictures with fans! It was a ZOO! It was so hard to move around! But I'm skinny so I just pushed my way through! I had Khloe sign the picture of us(: I asked her if she remembered me! She said "Yes." Then I was like do you remember my name? She said "No." Then I told her, and she was like, "Yes I remember! I remember telling you that I love your name!" She asked how I was(: She signed my picture and then I went to find Kylie. She was near Khloe but there was such a mob of people around her. I found Kylie and asked to take a picture with her. We took a picture then she signed my book. The Grove security was being so rude! When I'm talking to someone don't push me out of the way! I pushed him back! She signed it, and wrote my name. Then we hugged. She's very nice and only 15 and already becoming well known. She looked a little overwhelmed during all of this. I kind of wanted to ask her what she thought about all of this? I mean it was CRAZY! They finally made there way out of The Grove. Khloe tweeted that she was going to go see Rob at his DWTS rehearsal. So as soon as I saw that I headed there! I got there and they were already in side. They went in the front. But when in the back where a Taco truck was set up! Everyone went to get Tacos. I got a few pictures of them talking to Rob. After they left I went back to Hollywood. The Abduction premiere was today. Taylor Lautner is in the movie. I was considering calling in sick! I always have to work for the good premieres! UGH! I left for work at the last minute cause I was visiting with some friends. Not many people were waiting, which was good for them! Went to work....the time I got there I was so exhausted from all the running around I was doing! Such a LONG day in LA, but very exciting!

Kylie Jenner. Only 15 and becoming well known. WORLD WIDE!


Kylie & Khloe!

Love this black guy. He works for EXTRA. He's pretty nice.

David Arquette.

Rob Kardashian.

Kylie Jenner, getting a Taco. @ Rob's Rehearsal practice.

Khloe & David hugging.

Rob & Kylie.

Khloe talking to Rob.

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