Sunday, August 14, 2011

You don't speak ENGLISH!?

Worked another 8 hour day today!...started at 8 am. And figured out the hard way that my first bus comes at 7:30 am on Sundays! I'm living in one of the world's busiest cities and the first bus comes at 7:30 am!?!? I made my second bus! picked me up at 7:54! I speed walked as fast as I could to Target from the bus stop! & clocked in at exactly 8 am! I was so relieved! Wish you guys could've seen my face when the bus showed up a few minutes early! I had the BIGGEST smile on my face! The bus driver probably thought I was special! For lunch I made my self a special sandwich with swiss cheese, and lettuce and boy was it good! At Target I run into so many people that DO NOT speak any english! Like OMG! Were in America and you don't speak english!! I have to communicate to the kids and they translate it, it spanish for their parents! I mean you should at least know some basic english, just to communicate with others. One guy today was like, "you speak spanish?" I was like NO! It actually makes work more fun though, not always knowing what everyones saying! I'm actually learning a few spanish words from my coworkers and customers!  I love how diverse California is!

ice cream truck.

The Nursery that I usually cut through to go to my house! It was locked! The other day I climbed it! Cause I was in a rush!

At home and pretty exhausted probably falling asleep early, and watching Keeping up with the Kardashian's! I work the next 7 days in a row.

9 more days until Bailey's visiting!!!

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