Saturday, August 13, 2011

Where's my CHANGE!?!?!

Had to get up WAY to early today! UGHH! I am not a morning person at all! I feel, and look like death in the morning! I started work at 8 am, so I had to get up at 6 and be to the bus stop by 6:55. What a nightmare! Before I went in Target I stopped at my favorite donut shop. They have such fresh donuts in the morning! They are absolutely delicious! I'm always worried that I'm going to go into work though with chocolate or cinnamon all over my face! I'm fine with working in the morning cause it goes by really fast because it's such a busy time at Target. The time goes by really fast in the afternoon. It was extremely always! I ran out of like all my money in the draw! I had no singles, fives, tens, pennies or quarters! &  nobody was bringing me my change! I requested it, I asked a few people to bring me change, I pressed the Additional Assistance button *ten thousand times,* I then had to call the operator to have them find someone to get me change! What do you have to do around here to get change!? I ran out of everything, so I couldn't sell anything until I got my change....and the line was getting really long! People don't care if they have to wait, they want their fatty popcorn/ sugary drinks! Finally I got my change and I could continue. On my lunch I got a Starbucks, cause I NEEDED caffeine!! ASAP! I just feel so sick in the morning! After I had my Starbucks, I was fine. After work I bought a few things then headed to the bus stop. My friend Emily is visiting the Los Angeles area, so I decided to meet her on Hollywood Blvd. I went home dropped off my stuff and changed and headed to Hollywood. I met her and her family in front of the Chinese theatre, I actually literally just ran into them. I really don't even know how I found them in all that CRAZINESS! We grabbed something to eat, and walked around, and informed them about everything I knew about Hollywood. I also warned them NOT to talk to the black men who hand out CD's & want money for them. After visiting with them for awhile I started heading back home, so I didn't miss my last bus this time! Made it home by like 11. Had a really good day today(: My day's here have been super busy, I'm ALWAYS doing something, I really don't spend any time at home! Maybe 8-9 hours of just sleeping and getting ready a day!

I needed this after a long exhausting day at Target!

My mom sent me this picture of my babies! MINNIE & MAGGIE! (Maggie's a little rag!, and Minnie asks like a PRINCESS! 

Ice cream sandwich on Hollywood Blvd. It was extremely hard to eat!

My LA friends(: tagged me in this picture on facebook! Caption read, "Tired, but still trendy"

LA friends also tagged me in this picture(: at the Glee premiere! One of my BESt nights EVER! 

Bailey's coming soon! Planning out adventures! We have so much planned! 
We HAVE to go to the Los Angeles ZOO!

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