Friday, August 12, 2011

Clothes from the TRASH!?

Thursday the 11th
Yesterday when I was waiting for the bus, from Target to my house....This man walked by and started digging through the garbage! He was checking out the clothes that were in there! He was holding them up to see if they would fit...Kind of talking to himself. Then he put one back and kind of looked at me & said "there's even a shirt for you in there!" I just looked at him! Made it home at like 11ish.

The man who was shopping for some new clothes in the garbage!

Friday the 12th
Had a pretty busy day, worked at 12 then went to the Grove after with friend's from Wisconsin(: I was going to meet them on Santa Monica & Fairfax... They are staying in Santa Monica...They had to take a bus from Santa Monica & 6th to Santa Monica and Fairfax....straight shot! They got lost and took the wrong bus! I don't know how they did it!? But it was fine I waited at Starbucks fro them(: Once they got there we headed to the Grove in West LA. The Grove is such a great classy, fun area. They have a movie theatre, they have places to eat, a lot of outside seating, and the Farmer's Market is right next store. They also have a really awesome magazine shop that I love stopping at. We went in the Abercrombie & it was 3 stories!! BIGGEST Abercrombie I've ever been in! WOW! Then we went to the UGG store! I'm going to apply there! It would be great to work more hours! I talked to the lady and said that they will be hiring seasonal soon, and a part time position. Just have to send in a resume, which I really don't know how to make! :/ Did it like freshman year in high school, you think we would've done it Senior year? How stupid! Went to grab something to eat after. Then started walking to the bus that my Wisconsin friends had to get to.....and it turned out they were going the wrong direction, but we figured out the right bus they needed to get on! Walked down Hollywood blvd....on my way night...and wow was that interesting, many people were begging for money! It's really cool though at night with all the lights. On the Subway I ran into one of the first people I became friends with in LA! How weird!!?!? It was awesome running into someone I know!

Some guy on the bus, with a lot of GEL in his hair!

My dream car! @ the Grove!

Working tomorrow at 8 am! EWWW! GROSS! I have to get up super early to catch the bus!
I'll be blogging tomorrow guys!

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