Monday, August 15, 2011

Ahh! Man sleeping under bench!

 Worked at 4 today. But had to do a few things before work. I went to the NoHo arts district, and went to the post office, bank and then I went to Starbucks for a few hours before work. The NoHo arts district is the perfect area. Everything is in that small area! The bank, coffee shops, diner's, post office, schools! Everything there! At Starbucks I got my drink then went to sit outside. Starbucks is a non-smoking zone! So don't smoke your cancer sticks there! Some guy just starts something in the area! Please go KILL yourself somewhere else! I would like to live much LONGER than you! I hate the smell of smoke! It's a HORRIBLE addiction, stay away from me! YUCK! I got cold stone before work. I also discovered where the day time Emmy's are filmed. I found the HUGE EMMY statue in the NoHo arts district! IT was pretty awesome! Work went by pretty fast tonight, I only worked a few hours. I got off another day, for when Bailey is coming to visit! She's coming super soon! I wonder what she's thinking this city is going to be like!! I work early tomorrow, I have some cashier training at 8 am until 11ish. Then I work at 4 until close. I've been working so much lately! But it's expensive to live in California!

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