Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cart FULL of clothes!

Another! I had training at 8 am today at Target. Then I had to come back at 5 for work. Went to the bus stop right away after training. It was really starting to get hot out! I changed into non-Target clothes as soon as I left Target. Someone told me an easier way to get to the North Hollywood station. I only have to take one bus to get there from Target. On the bus some asian lady was getting yelled at by the bus driver because her cart thing was blocking the WHOLE entrance of the bus and she was on the phone not paying attention. Then when I was waiting for the bus this lady kept looking at me! She wouldn't stop! I almost started taking pictures of her! She NEVER saw a WHITE boy before in Red & Khakis on his way to Target!? RUUUUUDE! I went to West LA, and relaxed at Starbucks and played around on my ipad(: Then I walked around there for a while and went to the Grove for lunch. EXTRA with Mario Lopez is now currently filming again. I can't wait for Bailey to see all of that! Went back to Hollywood cause I had to start heading to work... Worked until 10. On the way home, I saw a cart that had a HUGE bag of clothes in it and a bike was chained on top of the cart!? WEIRD!

Sunset Blvd...I would love to live up on those Hills! :D

Magazine in the break room at work, in spanish!?!? 

Picture my mom sent me! Some of my dogs! (Mom I want some pictures of Bunnie!)

Anyways another long day, so time for bed! night world(: Follow my BLOG if your NOT yet! ;D Post my link on your facebook(: I need more viewers(:

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