Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Slept in today!....because I have been extremely busy lately, and have been getting up pretty early for work. I've actually been fine with getting up early because I'm not going to high school!! So happy it's over with! Went to the bus stop at 11 am, and some black man informed me to stay in school! He asked me and this other girl if we were excited for school to start...I was like,  "I'm done with high school! He was shocked that both of us were out of high school! Him and his wife both said we look very young! She's was telling us to "keep looking young!" Went to the North Hollywood station, so I could get to Hollywood. Went to Subway for lunch in West Hollywood, and stopped at Starbucks on the way back because I was just craving some! YUM! FYI, I had 3 Starbucks drinks today!(: It's so addicting! Went back to Hollywood, and called Sylvar up from "Papa Luigi's" where I used to work in Wisconsin...We talked for a while about all the CRAZY people I have encountered! Danny Devito had a star unveiling today in Hollywood but, I slept in to late to make it.. I worked at I had to start heading back to North Hollywood...everyday I just keep liking the people I work with more and more!(: They're so much fun! & I love when they make me special Starbucks drinks! After work I went to the bus stop on Vineland. I sat down on a stoop think, near a lady looking like a hooker! She asked if I had a quarter for the bus and I said no. Then she asked if I had five dollars. Did she really think I was just going to give her five dollars!? Then some lady in heels walked by us. And the hooker/Drug addict said "God damn bitch!" I was thinking to myself....."lady your really going to get beat up!" Then some biker dude came over by us and asked if we knew where some street was....I told him where I thought it was....Hooker/drug addict, was like "DO I EVEN KNOW YOU!?....god damn it!" He was like, "No you don't know me but I asked you a question. It was getting pretty ROWDY at the bus stop, let me tell ya! I thought they were all going to get into a fight! Then she kept smoking and hyperventilating at the bus stop! I was thinking....this lady is gunna fall over and die right here! After I took my first bus, I walked the rest of the way. I passed a homeless man with a cart full of stuff, and he gave me the "what's up" head nod....I encounter so many interesting things on the way home! The night's just getting started after work!

Fan's must have placed flowers around Elvis's star on the Walk of Fame. I'm guessing that he died in August?

My Passion Fruit tea that one of my Starbucks buddies made for me, before I left work(:

Walking around Hollywood Blvd....

This is the woman who was asking me for money & smoking/hyperventilating, and starting arguments with everyone!

Got an iced coffee this morning, and they wrote a smiley face on it(;

Favorite Starbucks drinks
  • Carmel Frappacinio
  • Iced White Mocha
  • Java chip, with white mocha instead of regular mocha
  • Peppermint white chocolate mocha 
  • Passion fruit iced tea  

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