Thursday, August 18, 2011

ANYTHING goes on Hollywood Blvd!

Another great day in Los Angeles. Sitting on sunset blvd. At a Starbucks(: this is one of my favorite Starbucks to go to! I love it here! It's in a great area. I wish you guys could see the view of the hills that I'm looking at right now. Its absolutely amazing. I've never seen anything like it. Blogging on my iPad sitting at Starbucks in LA. Life really can't get better than this. I'll definitely be taking Bailey here! As I was getting off the Subway this morning on Hollywood & Highland...I saw the asian's with their HUGE "Jesus loves you signs!" I've seen them at least 3 times since I moved here! They have MEGA phones, that they scream "Jesus loves you!" & repent! & they try handing people stuff but people mostly ignore them. They walk up and down the streets of hollywood blvd. They're all Asian except there's one black guy! It's kinda funny! Any visiting the LA area will definitely see some odd and crazy things on Hollywood Blvd! I've seen so much on that street! On Hollywood blvd anything goes!! It's a zoo! Some man was drinking out of used Starbucks drinks in the garbage can! Black men sale CD's! Barney is definitely a creep! He needs a new costume!! And so many people approach you asking for money. I haven't given anyone money here! I had to work hard to where I'm at right now! I'm NOT a wells Fargo bank or Oprah!

The Asians that were roaming the streets of Hollywood! & making my ears bleed!

Near Hollywood & Vine. Where all the runaways once went.

Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles(: one of my favorite Starbucks! Cause I can drink my coffee & view the hills!

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Location:W Sunset Blvd,Los Angeles,United States

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