Friday, August 19, 2011

ENGLISH please! So Frustrating

Woke up this morning and decided that I was going to go to Beverly Hills. That's CRAZY! I'm still shocked that this is happening! I mean getting to BEVERLY HILLS in 30 minutes! Amazing!! I'm currently sitting at Starbucks in Beverly Hills. I got so stressed out on the way here, cause so many people don't speak ENGLISH! WTF were in AMERICA!....and your NOT visiting, you live here & don't speak English?! I went on the bus and dropped my tap pass (monthly bus pass, looks like a credit card.) I dropped it under someone. And the lady thought that I wanted to sit there and I was like NO, I dropped something under you! She just looked at me!! I tried explaining it again! And she just looked at the ground! I pointed and tried explaining it again for the millionth time!! Then I was causing a little of a ruckus! People started looking! The lady kept saying, "I don't know what your saying!" and she had an attitude and put her hands on her lap! Then I asked the guy if he could ask her in spanish, to get my card! He only spoke english. But he tried telling her again! I don't even think she was Mexican! So I have no clue what language she spoke! Headed to Beverly Hills(: got a drink from Starbuck! Probably going to walk around a little. I would LOVE to spot Kim K!!

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Location:N Beverly Dr,Beverly Hills,United States

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