Saturday, August 20, 2011

STUPID contacts!

Slept in today! For the first time in LA! You used to sleep in all the time in Milwaukee....But here I'm always getting up early to do things! It's CRAZY! It really feels good to sleep in though, and not have to get up early! I got up and walked through the nursery and went to the bus stop. I finally figured out how to READ a bus schedule! It took me over a MONTH to read one! I headed to the Target in West Hollywood, I've been there once and loved that Target. I went there to develop my pictures from my first month in California. I'm going to develop them every month, so they stay organized. I went to the Beverly Center after Target while my pictures were being developed. The Beverly Center is a HUGE shopping center it's about 8 levels, but the first few are parking. It has many high end stores....LOUIS VUITTON! I looked around in Louis Vuitton a little and the more and more I go in there...I swear the more and more I'm tempted to get something! I'm dangerous in those stores! I swear! As I was leaving the shopping center....I walked past many Taxi's by the curb....I guess all the taxi drivers were bored cause they were all playing cards on the trunk of one of their cars! I was tempted to take a picture....! I went and waited at the bus stop right by the Beverly Center. While waiting, a Fire Truck rushed to the curb across the street from me....A lady was laying on the sidewalk! She was homeless and had a cart. Someone must have called it in, they probably thought she was dead! It's crazy the things you see here! Never would I see this in Greenfield, Wisconsin! The bus was taking forever! I HATE the bus! I waited way to long, so then I decided to just walk to my next bus. I went on the bus on Santa Monica Blvd and went back to Target to pick my pictures up. The pictures I printed turned out so good. I'm probably going to mail them home so my mom can Scrapbook them.....If she's ready to tackle another project! I went to Starbucks in that area, and went on my ipad, and some man started getting really ROWDY with security. They almost got into a fight. I was listening to everyone talk when they left and I guess he comes in this area a lot and causes trouble. Didn't do to much after that, I headed home early so I could do some laundry. As I was walking home my contact starting bothering me.....I kept messing with it. I got home and went to take my contacts out and my left one wouldn't come out! My eye was getting really red and it started to hurt to get it out cause I was digging in my eye for so long! I finally got it out and it ripped in my eye! It broke off! Now there's still a piece somewhere in my eye!! I can't get it out! It hurts pretty bad to, when I look a certain way.

Waiting for the bus to go to Target on Santa Monica & La Brea.

Waiting for the bus on the way back.....they are definitely men! NO LIE!

View from my way up to the stores at the Beverly Center.

8 levels!

The Beverly Center.

I found my Louis Vuitton!(:

I'm giving a shout out to Maddie who lives in Northern Wisconsin! She just turned 6 last week(: She's patiently waiting for me to get pictures of Selena Gomez, her idol! It will definitely happen! Give me a little time Maddie! I'm sure I'll run into her and Justin Bieber! 

REALLY!? How did I mange to BURN, and START my popcorn bag on fire! GEEZ! The Whole house smelled like smoke! How embarrassing!

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