Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tall Mocha!

After 7 hours of sleep I was able to get the other piece of my contact out that was wedged somewhere in my eye! It got so irritated last night from me sticking my fingers in repeatedly! I just got it out in in one try this morning. My contact has ripped before and it's so painful! It feels like glass is in your eye! And when it rubs up on your eye it hurts even more!

Went to get coffee this morning. A tall white mocha(: I haven't had a hot drink since winter! I forgot how good it is hot. I do get it iced too. Went to Hollywood blvd to get it cause I work at 4 and I'm sure i'd be late because the busses are super slow on Sundays! Like ridiculously slow! It's so stupid! This is Los Angeles! The busses should be coming more frequently! As I was walking back from getting my coffee more black men with CD's were approaching me! It's like leave me alone I don't want to buy any of your CD's, I don't want to sample them and don't rap! For me! LEAVE me ALONE you creeps! Go get a REAL job! Some people actually work for their money! It's such a ZOO on Hollywood blvd you can't even walk! And the creepy Barney yesterday asked me for money!! What a creep! Yuck! That man behind the costume is a chain smoker! I guess Kim Kardashian's wedding was a success, even though very few details were announced about it. I have to wait until the E! Special which airs in October! I really don't think I can wait that long!

Me in Christopher Walken's footprints! We have like the SAME size feet!

Me & Emily when they were visiting in Hollywood(:

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