Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I checked out the Espy awards in Downtown LA today. Didn't know if I was going to see anyone for sure but, I thought that I would check it out! I had to take the subway to Downtown LA because it's not super close to where I live. But, I got there in like 30 minutes. The Espy awards were held at the Nokia theatre. It's right next to the Staples center. Justin Bieber tweeted that he was giving out 2 free tickets right before the event. So some people were waiting for at least 7 hours!! But there was no specific spot he was going to be so he could see his fans. The area where all the Bieber fans was a HORRIBLE spot! There was so much security, you couldn't see anything! And they didn't even know for sure if he was going to come in that area! I walked around to the other side of the red carpet. I had a much better view! I could actually see who was arriving and stepping out of their limo's. It was from a distance but at least I could see something! I spotted Blake Griffin? I don't know who he is, but he waved to the crowed! Some sports player? I don't know! Then I spotted Justin stepping out of a car, with Scooter his manager. Selena was nowhere in sight. The crowed went wild!! SCREAMING "BIEBER." It was so loud he looked over to see what was going on. Then as he started making his way down the red carpet, i moved and kept following, snapping pictures of Mr. Bieber. I had to stand on a barricade to get a good picture. He was being interviewed by E! and Access Hollywood. I got a few good pictures. The crowd around me was so loud screaming his name that some of the media and press members turned around and snapped some pictures of us! People were so excited! I even heard an asian guy scream "BIEBER!" It was pretty awesome!  Then I saw Ryan Reynold's walk down the carpet, having his picture taken by many photographers. Kendra Wilkinson and Hank were also being interviewed!

Justin Bieber!!!! 

Ryan Reynold's. Not a really good picture. But you can tell it's him!

Kendra & Hank!

It was totally awesome seeing all the stars that I've seen so far!!!!.. I live for this kind of stuff! This is what I LOVE!!

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  1. I'll have to start calling you Nikorazzi!!