Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Saw Celebrities in LA today!

WOOOOW! They film the television show EXTRA with "Mario Lopez" at the Grove in LA. The guests that were being interviewed today were Paris Hilton, Nick Cannon, and Avril Lavigne! I've been waiting my whole life to attend things like this! The first to be interviewed was Paris Hilton! . It was a ZOOOOOO! They were trying to make a path for her, and she walked right over the bridge. She signed a few autographs, and said that she will sign more on the way out. I got a few pictures of her!(: and also said hiiii.

Someone, painted this and Paris Signed it!
 I was in arms length from THE Paris Hilton! She is absolutely FLAWLESS!(:

 It was a ZOOOOO when paris Hilton was leaving!

                                           Nick Cannon, was also being interviewed today!

                                                  Avril Lavigne leaving the interview

Mario Lopez filming EXTRA. at the Grove in LA

Mario, interviewed Paris, Nick and Avril. And they needed some people to be around him. One of the staff member asked me if I wanted to be on TV and i was like, "YESSSSSSS!" So they put me right next to Mario Lopez! I was right NEXT to him! He was pretty nice, talked to us, and told us that we were doing fine! He has really big dimples! And he was also wearing a lot of make up, for filming.

I've only been in LA for a week and have met so many stars! There was someone else that showed up to the Grove for a meeting or to have lunch.......
                                                           Arnold Schwarzenegger!

                                                  He did sign for one fan, a younger kid.

      Patrick; Arnold's son. I guess he is volunteering or working at the Grove.            
He helped block off fans and photographers as Paris Hilton went to her car.
                                                      Paparazzi photographing Avril.

What a FUN day! I've been waiting forever to attend events like these! I will definitely be back to the Grove to meet more celebrities! I was absolutely exhausted after this long day in the sun. There were actually fans from all over the world at the Paris Hilton interview!

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  1. Hey, that's Phoebe from friends talking to Mario :)