Monday, July 22, 2013

San Diegooooo!

Niko Takes San Diegooooo.
I had such a great time in San Diego! It was my first time ever going there! The main reason why I went was for Comic Con to get autographs and stuff. But besides the whole "Hollywood thing," I did other things. Downtown San Diego is sooo much fun! They have a ton of restuarants and bars. I will for suuure go back next year! The high light of the trip? Chasing Seth Green 3 blocks! Hahahaha. Seth is out all the time, soo chasing him is real wild! Seth Green is a very common name in Hollywood! I did make some new friends on my little San Diego adventure, and became even closer to some of my old friends..... I met these really nice people that live in Ireland. I would love to go back, I know my mom really wants to go there, I would love to go to the zoo and stuff there someday! 

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