Friday, July 12, 2013

2 years?

2 years, already? 
I have now been living in Los Angeles for 2 years now! July 6th is my 2 year mark. It's WILD how fast time goes! I left the day before my moms birthday, and boy was she pissed! I have learned a whole lot, in my 2 years of living here, about myself and life. I have made some wild decisions but have learned from them. I have made some amazing friends that I probably would never have made in Wisconsin because we have so much in common! 
I love love love this city, I am more than happy I made the decision to move here a month after I graduated high school. But one thing that sometimes annoys the hell out of me is the LA traffic and the crowds! There are PEOPLE EVERYWHERE, Hollywood can be a complete zoo! Sometimes.....its rare but...sometimes, I really miss the Milwaukee area, cause there's not as many people! I love that there's no traffic so you can leave like 5 minutes before you have to be somewhere! In LA, it's like 2 hours before!! 
Anyways, I'm more than satisfied with the people in my life. So many great memories and more to come. Thinking about my next step(: 

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