Monday, February 11, 2013

Niko TAKES Mexico!

Oh MY GAWD. Never thought I would go to Mexico!!....EVER! 

I randomly decided to get up and head to Mexico with two of my Hollywood friends and my new Brazilian friend. What an experience! WOOOOOW. It only took about 2 hours to drive there. The first city we stayed in was Tecate, Mexico. I felt like we were on a film set driving around Tecate!! It would a pretty cool city actually. The roads were soooo weird! Our first stop was a money exchange place. I felt like we were playing with monopoly money! I was sooooo confused with the money! I would pay at places, like 200 pesos and get back coins! I would feel soooo ripped off so I would have to being out my phone to calculate it! And NOBODY spoke english in Tecate!!!! We went to an "OXXO" in Tecate and it took me about 5 minutes to pay for a water!! I was asking some random person behind me to help count my money and she just looks at me! SERIOUSLY!? Ohh and by the way, it was my first time sleeping in a walk in closet!!! And it was like 50 degrees!!!!! Can ya picture this high maintenance Niko doing that!?!?! I was shocked myself! The Brazilian girl made us go out and look for a heater!!! 

Next city was Ensenada Beach! We went right up by the ocean! And boyyyyy was it cold! My friends were so hungry they ate at this place on the beach....and it was like in someones house!!!! It was soooo weird!!! But they wanted the wifi thats why they did it! We stopped at a few OXXO's for snacks then headed to the next city. 

Tijuana was the next stop! I have heard a few stories about how unsafe Tijuana was, but really didn't feel scared being there. Yes it was a little run down and rough. The streets weren't the cleanest either but really the people there were fine. We did freak ourselves out once when we went on an elevator in a parking structure and brought us to a room that looked like it was from HOSTEL! I got scared and ran back in and freaked my friends out! I thought I heard something! We walked around the streets of TJ! We went shopping for spanish magazines, stopped at movie shops, and ate at a few mexican places. the food in Mexico is amazing! I have NEVER ate so much in my life!! Our last stop in Mexico was a grocery store. I have never been soooo racial profiled in my life!!! I was leaving the store with my Brazilian friend and we were practically strip searched!! Everyone was walking out with cart full's of things and stuff NOT in bags! My friend Jessica and I walk out of the store and we have to show our receipt and they search our bags!!! I said, "Wow, this isn't racist!!!" It really doesn't matter what you say out loud there because nobody speaks english!!! 

I was actually pretty excited to get home to America!!! I was excited to see whites!!!! Crossing the border was sooo boring!!!! We didn't get home until 3am!! and I had to work at 8am!!! I was exhausted!!! 

My FAVORITE donuts in Mexico! they even sell them here at Target! 

Ensenada Beach! 
OXXO! One of my favorite places! 

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