Monday, February 11, 2013

Kimmie jets to Brazil!

Kim Kardashian jetted out of Los Angeles International airport on Thursday. I would have posted earlier but I was in Mexico!! I woke up and rushed to the airport for Kim! I really didn't think I was going to make it to LAX! The traffic is ALWAYS horrible!! I made it just in time for Kim. Her car pulled up and out of no where these foreign photographers practically pushed me over! One of them said something to me, something rude....I went right in front of him and blocked him. No respect! I swear!! Kim saw my friend and I waiting  next to the paparazzi. Kim pointed me out to her bodyguard. I was like whats going on!?! Hahaha. She told the body guard to grab my things so she could autograph them in the car. Because Kim is pregnant, it's harder for her to get inside the airport because the photographers have been so aggressive! I was thrilled for her to grab my things! I grabbed my things out of my friends and next to me which were my things he was helping me get signed. The body guard said no, those aren't yours! (Meaning Kim would only sign all of my things I had!) Hahaha. How cool is that!? I mean they really were my things but it's not a big deal! Kim wanted to sign my things and I'm happy for that(: 

I checked the photos online later that night and found a few photos of Kim and I. I look a little rough though, cause one of the paps pissed me off! 

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