Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jonas Brothers!

First time seeing the Jonas brothers! Well, three of them! They are ALWAYS out in Hollywood! Always going out to dinner always at events, and now they have a few concerts going on here in LA. I never really tried meeting them. I met Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas the other night in Hollywood. I just thought Joe was at the venue but it turned out that Nick was there too! I just randomly ran into Nick! They were on a double date with their girlfriends and a few of their friends. Joe's girlfriend was actually the one who took our photo, she was super sweet. Nick was very nice too, they both asked how I was doing(: 

Joe Jonas. 
Nick Jonas.
Billy Bob thornton, "Bad Santa" 


  1. That's awesome,but I must say it's killer you got to meet and get a pic with Billy Bob Thorton,although it would be awesome to meet
    The Jonas Brothers as well.

    Are you a pap ?

  2. The Jonas brothers are SUPER friendly! And Billy Bob is beyond nice, very cool guy! Just a fan and a blogger thats all(: