Monday, June 25, 2012

KING OF POP...its been 3 years!?

I'll never forget when I heard the news about the death of Michael Jackson. I was working at my first job "Papa Luigi's" in Cudahy, Wisconsin. The restaurant had a few flat screen TV's, and all of the news stations were talking about MJ  being found dead in his home. Both my Uncle and Grama were eating at my work when I told them the news. It still gives me goose bumps typing about him. I wasn't the BIGGEST MJ fan but my family really liked him. It amazes me how it's already been 3 years since his death! TIME FRECKIN FLIES! 3 years already!? It felt like yesterday that it happened!

One of my paparazzi friends "Gio" actually got the footage of MJ being taken out of his Los Angeles home. He was the ONLY photographer there! It was just a typical day for the paparazzi, going after different celebrities. Then he discovered that MJ was dead. He probably had no idea at the time that his video would be everywhere! I think he was 16 then! His video made WORLD NEWS! TMZ, EVERY news station, EVERY blog out there. It's amazing how 3 years ago I was seeing his video footage from Wisconsin then I met the guy! Thats crazy to think about! Gio's a great photographer and probably has over a thousand photo ops with celebrities!

I watched an interview of Paris Jackson being interviewed on Oprah the other day. I can't even imagine the thoughts that were going through her head when her dad died. And all of the things she probably has gone through with kids teasing her about her dad, being a "pedophile." Paris was telling Oprah that she never really thought of her dad as the "King of Pop" at first. Paris was telling Oprah when it hit her that her dad was "Michael Jackson, "The King of Pop." Paris also told Oprah why their dad "Michael Jackson" would make them wear masks out in public. It was actually a smart idea. She said that her dad would make them wear masks so that when they were out in public without their dad people wouldn't recognize them and they could go out without being photographed and bothered.

This two photos are from the last interview that Michael Jackson had. This is when MJ was announcing the world about his London concert. 

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