Thursday, June 28, 2012

Katy Perry concert & Premiere!!!

Katy Perry puts on an amazing performance! 
"PART OF ME," hits theatre's July 5th in the United States. 

My friend was able to get ahold of some tickets for Katy Perry's concert in Hollywood and movie! I was so excited! I've been wanting to hear Katy Perry live. I heard she puts on pretty good performances also. I met my friends in Hollywood in the morning. While waiting for everything to start, we met a few new friends! The people in Hollywood are so different then the people in the Midwest. There were a bunch of people that dressed up wearing wigs and Katy Perry shirts.

The concert started in the early evening and BOY was it fantastic! Her performance was amazing! She put on such a show! It was pretty cool too because the people that didn't have tickets were still able to watch her perform from buildings, or the sides of the street. Katy started her concert out by coming out of a GIANT popcorn box in a popcorn dress! One thing that I noticed right away was her pretty eyes! As soon as she started singing she took off her sunglasses and threw them into the crowd! If I was close to where she threw them I probably would have pushed everyone out of the way for them! She sang at least 8 songs. She sang one of my favorites, "E.T." While I was waiting for it to start I talked to Justine! She was the woman who was hosting the event. She was super nice and we were talking about our iphones and her cool camera attachment that she has. 

The movie started right after the concert at the Chinese theatre. It was in 3D so it was a lot of fun! They were giving out free popcorn and 3D glasses! I took a couple of the glasses(: I ran into a few of my friends in the theatre and we took some photos for online(: I totally recommend the movie, "Part of Me." Basically it's Katy Perry's "True Hollywood story," with concert performances as well. The movie also showed a little of Russell Brand. It showed how HARD Katy tried to make her marriage work!! Katy would fly back to the states just for a few days to HIS location just to see him! It didn't look like Russell every flew out to her while she was touring! I mean, I think that he should have been flying to her in China and all the other places she was at! That has to be exhausting, flying back and fourth while touring! The movie also showed that Katy Perry was NOT an overnight success which everyone thinks she was. Katy was turned down by many record labels, and people were not so accepting of her outfits...I mean they are sometimes odd. 

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