Monday, December 12, 2011

Garbage on the streets!

Someone pointed out on twitter that they came across the picture of me & Miley Cyrus on a Miley fan site! How awesome is that!! That's so cool! I was shocked to see the photo on there.....but the Miley fans know EVERYTHING about Miley! Pretty much just blogged, relaxed and did laundry until I started work. I love that I can do my chores whenever I want! Yes I love my mom a ton!...but I don't have someone telling me when to do my chores! I love it! I was waiting for the bus to take me to work and this guy is walking around and collecting garbage with his hands! Like all sorts of trash and wet socks! GROSS! He didn't even have a bag or anything to put it in! 

After work I made it home in time to watch tonight's new episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York! You guys know how much I love all my Kardashians! I don't know...I haven't decided if I like's like some episodes he's okay....then some he's mean to Kourtney! I just can't decide! But some of the things he when he randomly bought a Rolls Royce! I really don't like those cars, I think they are so unattractive!

This is the photo that was posted on the Miley Cyrus fan site! 

This is a video of Miley on the red carpet at the "Giving Awards."

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