Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kourtney & Khloe LA book signing!

I've been waiting for this day! I remember when I lived in Wisconsin...I would always think about wanting to go to all these events and book signings! I would always check online to see what signings were going on in LA. Then I would go and check the blogs to see the reviews and pictures! I was so jealous seeing everyone with all these celebs and getting all these autographs! The CRAZY thing is that it's actually happening! I'm running around Los Angeles getting all these photo ops and autographs and I LOVE every minute of it!

I had to show up early to get my wristband and then I could come back later in the day and wait in line. I love going to these signings because I meet new friends and we ALL had something in common....THE KARDASHIANS! It turned out that Kim wasn't at the signing because of "Private issues." I was a little upset...but  I think it's good that she's been staying out of the public eye. Khloe Kardashian arrived to the signing a few minutes after 7. They usually don't arrive together... They informed us that Kourtney was stuck in LA traffic...and they already started the signing! I'm super glad that I wasn't in the front! I told EVERYONE that I'm NOT going anywhere until I meet my KOURTNEY Kardashian! Kourtney is the only Kardashian I haven't met! I HAD to meet her! Kourtney arrived and I was relieved, you guys have NO idea how excited I was to meet her! I made it up to the table and said HI to Khloe....she totally remembered me! AHHH! (: I told her she owed me a picture! Khloe totally snuck out of an event recently! Khole is always smiling, she is just such a happy person! I told Kourtney I was SO EXCITED to meet her because she was the ONLY Kardashian I haven't met! We shook hands and she said, "Hi Doll" and we chatted for a little. I told her that I wasn't leaving the Grove until I met her!! She thought it was funny! They both signed my book and while I was still asking questions they were pulling me away!! UGH! I still stood there(: I asked Kourtney if she was going to be on Jimmy Kimmel....she said she doesn't think so. To be honest I don't think they always know their busy schedule! I tried taking a picture with Kourtney and the Barnes and Noble staff were saying NO pictures! I still tried! The picture didn't turn out at ALL! I took the photo on my phone, I was so excited.... that the picture turned out horrible and I cut my face off! HAHA. It was totally fun though! I was still talking to Kourtney as they were pulling me away from the table....telling her that "I LOVE HER!" (: I feel like my life is complete that I've met all the Kardashians...I still need to meet BRUCE though!! AHHH! I guess it's NOT complete! I'll be busy for the rest of the year!

Here's a few photos that were taken at the book signing by my friend....just found a few of them on Facebook.

*All photos © Salpi Bezdjian (SBEZSTARZ365)

This is the HORRIBLE picture that I took while she was signing my book! Oh well...I'll find her again! 

Both Rob Kardashian & Khloe Kardashian tweeted me after the signing! :D

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