Friday, March 14, 2014

Bunnie my angel

Haven't been blogging lately....Haven't really been in the mood. I was devasted to find out a few weeks ago that my baby girl Bunnie, my doggie had past away. I was DREADING the day, I knew it would eventually come. I mean Bunnie was my old lady, like almost 15 years old. It was harder for me because I wasn't there in Wisconsin. Bunnie was there for me when I needed her most! Bunnie was around with us so many years she moved houses with us a few times. I have to remember all the good times and memories that I had with Bunnie though. (All the times that little bitch would steal my food, steal whole boxes of pizza, stealing cake off the counter, and even stealing my dirty tissues!  

I love youu Bunnie, see youu when we meet again. 

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