Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Selena Gomez COME AND GET IT!

Selena Gomez is always a sweetheart! 

I only have good things to say about Selena!! I have been liking her more and more! And I'm absolutley addicted to "Come and Get it!" I cannot wait until "Stars Dance" comes out! The last time I saw Selena, I told her as we were appraoching, "Come and get it giirl." And the biggest giggle came out of her mouth. Ha. This time she totally remembered and went, "That was funny!" I managed to get a lot of my magazines signed, my stuff for Selena always keeps growing! 

I have to admit I haven't liked Selena from day one....I was turned off by her personality, always hiding and covering from the paparazzi. But I have understood why she does it. She is more of a shy person and to be honest, a lot of the LA paps bully her, I've seen it! Not all of them but some of them. At first I thought Selena wasn't very interactive with her fans, but I was wrong! 

Here's a few photos from yesterday that I took of Miss Selena! 


Throwback photos! 

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